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A happy childhood -

Fast and powerful support for children and young people

Hello, I'm Sylvain Ibarburu. One of my greatest passions is working as a handball trainer. I have been training children and young people at the Godesberger Turnverein in Bonn since 2016. Week after week, I experience more than 100 children aged 3 to 14 and always recognize how unique each child is and what obstacles stand in the way of their full development. As a proud father of four and as a RIT® Reflexintegration Mastertrainer, I know how important childhood is to emotional health and later well-being. It fills me deeply to support children in their development and to give them the tools to overcome their challenges. I have been working intensively on the subject of coaching since the beginning of 2019. After careful consideration, I made the decision in autumn 2019 to go through a coaching apprenticeship at IPE. I have successfully completed the "Child and Youth Coach" and "Learning Coach" modules. In addition, I have completed extensive training as a RIT®-Reflexintegrationtrainer. RIT®-Reflexintegration is an extremely powerful way to bring children back into balance. Learning difficulties, arithmetic weaknesses, hyperactivity, lack of body coordination and other behavioral problems are often due to the lack of integration of prenatal reflexes. Through training, children regain balance within 6 to 9 months and become calmer and more receptive.

My goal is to help children through proven methods to regain their inner balance and release negative emotions. The coaching offers diverse and extremely efficient goals: the release of blockages of all kinds, the reduction of fears, the increase in learning ability, the processing of tantrums and the development of alternative reaction strategies. In addition, it is about emphasizing resources from the past in order to use an intrinsic motivation for the future.

I am a big fan of measurable results, both in sports and in coaching. What motivates me personally is the fact that I can help children with my methods quickly and in a targeted manner and the results are not only noticeable immediately, but lasting.

Children deserve a chance at a full and happy life. Take the chance now for a free preliminary talk. Let's find out together how I can help your child quickly and powerfully to build solid emotional health and enable a fulfilling childhood.

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